Termite Damage Repair

Termite damage repair and restoration must be done correctly from the very start of the project or repairs will fail and damage will return. We partner with reputable termite control companies to acquire a mandatory termite report prior to beginning repairs. After the report and subsequent complete termite eradication, we begin the restoration process. In most cases, termite repairs include removing and replacing damaged wood using quality materials, sealing the new wood, and priming and painting the repaired areas. We make it look like the damage never even happened. Our workmanship is guaranteed and backed by our 3-Year Limited Labor Warranty.

Company You Can Trust to Be Your Community’s HOA Specialist

When your MarCon Construction HOA specialist works with your homeowners’ association, we work with you to offer a significant discount. With our excellent communication skills, we can deal with active communities, large complex management companies, local boards, architectural committees, or with individual homeowners. We have put together a comprehensive checklist that gives all parties a full understanding of the processes involved with proper insurance documentation.

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