stucco coating repair

Stucco Coating Repair

Stucco coating repair can be applied to curved or flat surfaces either outside or inside any structure or building. Stucco has immense use as a surface polish because of its low cost, utility, and minimal need for maintenance. In its toughened state, stucco is strong, hard, color-retentive, and fire-resistant.
However, stucco can still crack, develop holes, or become loose. Even a small crack will lead to water intrusion. Improper stucco repair can be a disaster. It needs to be done by the book. To repair, the area is scraped and cleaned, then filled with a high-quality stucco patch compound wherever necessary. While small holes may be repaired by the homeowner, medium or large spaces should be completed by a professional to ensure lasting quality.

Stucco coating repair – any shape, any color, new spray, or just fixing what you have already, MarCon Construction can offer you the solution to any stucco surface.

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