Drywall Installation Repair

Drywall installation repair – from minor repair jobs to new installations! Common Causes of Drywall Installation Repair : Water Damage, Popcorn or Textured ceiling repairs, Match surface texture and prepare for painting, Holes in the wall, Bad Drywall seams, Damage due to house settlement, Nail pops, Cracked or brittle plaster, Wall Resurfacing, Plaster Restoration, Total Room Renovation, Holes in the wall, Damage due to house settlement, Match surface texture and prepare for painting, Doorknobs, Nails and anchor, Termite Damage, House settling cracks, Children or pets, Rodents, and more.


Drywall Installation Repair Finishing. If You Have Drywall, We Can Fix It!

Drywall Installation Repair: drywall can become damaged by punctures, chips, or dents. Repairs can be tricky and are best handled by professionals. It takes considerable skill and artistry to install drywall properly. Our seamless texture matching will make your walls/ceiling look brand new. We can even fix any damage left behind by another service and make it look like there was never any damage in the first place. We can quickly patch up all the holes in your home and restore it within hours. The process includes layering joint compounds, applying patches, and sanding. Sometimes this takes several layers and at times the entire sheet needs to be replaced. Whether the surface is vertical (walls) or horizontal (ceilings), we’ll get the job done…properly!

Is your plaster cracking and falling apart? Are you considering replacing it all with drywall? We can repair and revitalize your plaster walls and save you the expense and mess of removing them and installing new walls. Call for Drywall Installation Repair 760-805-5685.

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